Last night I had the chance to watch the movie La Vita è Bella/Life is Beautiful for the first time. I have wanted to see the movie for years, but think that yesterday was perfect timing as watching it put my life and current trials into a bit of perspective that I needed.

If you haven’t seen the movie, allow me to set the scene. In this particular scene Guido Orefice (played by Robert Benigni, who won best actor for his role) and his family have been sent to a concentration camp. He and his son are separated from his wife and sent to different living quarters when Giosué, his son, begins to whine as any child will. To calm him, Guido tells him that they will be playing a game. Then enters the German soldier who addresses them for the first time…

The scene is all at once hilarious and heartwarming, and it’s only one of many beautiful scenes that show the love of a father for a son.



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