A new friend who writes here took on the challenge of writing something, anything for 30 days during the month of April: National Poetry Month. I thought it would make for an interesting challenge so I decided to take it on as well, though I am five days late. I got a few of our Being Latino writers involved to help with accountability as I am notorious for breaking promises to myself, but too embarrassed to not come through for others. As CCO, what better way to help develop our writers’ skills than to take them on this journey with me.

The preceding is merely an introduction, my journey begins below…


I was in New York City a few weeks ago. Though I had been there for a long weekend a few years ago, this trip was different. I was feeling first-date butterflies. As crazy as it may seem to an outsider, to me the nervousness made perfect sense. I had fallen in love with a group of people over the internet and I was finally going to see them in person.

Would I like them? Would they like me? Would they think I’m cute? Was I prepared for potential real-life lulls in conversation that aren’t so evident in online communication? Most importantly: What would I wear)??? I was a mess of emotions and thankful that at least, unlike a real date, the question of a kiss was not a factor.

To share the details of my weekend here would be to diminish its beauty. Suffice it to say, it was perfection. The love I felt for this group of people before meeting them was merely a drop compared to the love I feel for them today and I am officially changing our status to ‘in a relationship.’


8 thoughts on “I ♥ NYC!

  1. HOLA!!! I was told there would be free food at this party, Grr…very misleading. :p

    Great meeting you finally as well!

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