Me veo bonita (Do I look pretty?) Part I [video]

When I imagine who I am in the most abstract of ways, this is who I see... A free-spirited gypsy who loves the life that loves her back. I feel like her when I dance, free. But on any given normal day, I may possess one or two of the qualities she exudes, but for … Continue reading Me veo bonita (Do I look pretty?) Part I


Co-dependence: An insomniac’s song

I don't have very clear memories of my childhood. Most of them are so wrapped up in stories I've heard over and over again, that the line between the story and memory is completely blurred. The only exception to this is the memory of being awake at night, listening to the sound of the coquis. … Continue reading Co-dependence: An insomniac’s song

The write stuff: Life in words

I received my first journal as a gift at the age of 11, just months after my family moved from Chicago to a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. It had a rough, grainy cover and it was red, my favorite color. I named it Scarlett. I don't remember having an interest in the art … Continue reading The write stuff: Life in words