(Not So) Wordless Wednesday- Writer’s Block

    My puppy is extremely clingy. There are days when I WISH she'd hide in some corner, quietly destroying a shoe just so I'd have some breathing room...

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday- Storybook

  As I was coming back into my entry way this morning after walking Lola, this is what I saw and it made me smile. I felt like I was in the middle of some spooky, fall, storybook drawing.

(Not So) Worldless Wednesday

There are lessons to be learned from our pets. One I'm learning from Lola is to stop and smell the roses everything.

(Not so) Worldless Wednesday

Introducing Lola. She's 5 1/2 months and I've had her for three weeks now. I never really wanted to be a dog owner but in recent months I became more open to the idea. Her previous owners were a divorced couple who were fighting for the other to take custody. I couldn't bear the thought … Continue reading (Not so) Worldless Wednesday


(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

I've loved the Chicago Cubs since I was 15. Win or lose--and as a Cubs fan there's no denying they lose--there's no team like them. It has been three long years since I was at Wrigley and the return was like coming home.

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday