I have so many thoughts in my head and I cannot focus on just one subject to write about and I am frustrated that I sit and I begin what could be a profound blog but somewhere in the middle I stop and I sit and I stare out in front of me as inevitably the other million thoughts take over and cloud my mind yet again with thoughts of the simple and the shallow and I worry about my friends and my family so far away as things that are happening are so beyond my control and I have to say goodbye to yet another friend and I pray that my friend’s loved one is ok though her cancer is growing and I worry about my family and hope that they’re ok and I ask God why and why and why and I feel that sometimes He is unfair and won’t give me what I want and I wonder what’s next for me and if I will make it and if the loneliness I feel at not having the life I used to will ever go away and if I will ever fit in enough in this new place to make new friends and why can’t losing weight be just as easy as gaining it and now I need a new iPod because my old one is no longer working and I shouldn’t really spending money on a new iPod but I need it to workout and is it really a need or is it a want and if it’s only a want why can’t I give myself a gift since there’s no other person around to do it and then I think how can I make a living and not have to go into an office on a regular basis how can I make writing my means of making a living and how can I do that if I can’t focus enough to write about one simple subject.


One thought on “Just Another Moment of Randomosity

  1. Libby…I have just 5 words for you. Get Out Of My Head 🙂

    You are not alone! And might I add that “prayer” works wonders. And “testimonies” build faith. Prayer and Faith together ignite results!

    You will be fine. Hold on! And my deepest sympathy for you concerning your friend you lost.

    Sincerely and with love,

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