I woke up today and just like yesterday, I wanted to stay in bed in my p.js and wallow in the funk that I was feeling. I wanted to bury my head in my pillow and escape amidst the random tears. I wanted to, but I didn’t. Both days I chose to get up. I chose not to allow myself the misery because I remembered something very important: I am more than my funk and there is much to do in this life, so moments aren’t for wasting. In short, I took back the power.

It’s amazing what your mind does when you come to the realization that the power over your life is yours and yours alone. I don’t mean that we have complete control over what happens to us each day, but simply that we have choices. We own the power to choose within those things we can control, such as to whom and what we give our time, We also have the power to choose our reaction to those things beyond our control. We have all been given this power. It’s a gift.


In gratitude for this gift, I am declaring today as the day I take my power back!!

I choose to no longer lose myself in another person.

I choose not to minimize who I am or my happiness for the happiness of another.

I choose to only surround myself with people who bring positivity to my life and theirs.

I choose to understand that I cannot be everything to everyone and that there will be days when I cannot be anything to anyone.

I choose to value all that I am while still working towards who I can be.

I choose honor each moment of my day by using it to make myself and this world better.

What will you choose differently today?


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