The stray dogs and cats in Puerto Rico are like the people downtown Chicago who cross streets in the middle of heavy (and fast moving) traffic and/or wait for light changes on the street corner rather than the sidewalk.  I’m not sure whether to call them fearless or stupid.  Oh, lets call a spade a spade; it’s stupid.  If you’re driving you can honk all you want, they somehow think they have the right of way and will literally stop to stare at you.  Both the people and the dogs 😉

A few days ago I went to the gas station by my house.  I was running in to get a malta so I was just going to park in front of the door.  I turned into the gas station and right in front of my path towards the door was a dog.  I honked and he turned and just stared at me.   I honked again and it moved enough so I could maneuver around him but not enough so I could park in front of the door.  Or so I thought!  I parked elsewhere and walked towards the door.  I turned to my right and there was the dog, lying there absolutely still. I freaked out thinking,”Oh my God, I killed the stupid dog.  I can’t believe it.  I didn’t feel or hear anything.  How did I do this?”

I ran to the dog, bent over and the dog moved his head to look at me.  I moved my hand to pat his head and at that moment he got up and trotted away. I was so infuriated I cursed at the dog.  I could do nothing else but go in the store, get my malta and laugh.  I’m convinced these animals are running some kind of insurance scam that I almost got caught up in.




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