After working my ass off from mid-January to February I lost 12 lbs. I haven’t worked out since early March. There are excuses reasons.  Things got busy after the birth of my niece, then it was off to California for a vacation that I ruined by spraining my ankle and now I”m still limping and trying to heal.

Unfortunately, the lack of workout is usually accompanied by less water, less vegetables and more mindless eating.  Knowing that this is my usual pattern I’ve been afraid to step on the scale so I avoided it until yesterday.  I was filled with anxiety and didn’t want to look down at the number but when I finally did I saw that I had only gained two pounds.  I definitely thought it was much more.  Now I’m not saying that two pounds is not significant, because it is definitely a step backwards and something I have to work off yet again, but it showed me something important; that weight that we think we put on faster than we can take off really isn’t as sneaky as we think it is.

I often say that the extra weight on my body sneaked up on me over the years, but the truth is that I’ve been fooling myself.  The weight did not possess ninja skills after all.  It was all me.  I chose not to hear it each time it announced itself as I chose the couch and TV over an active lifestyle.  I chose not to see it as it made its grand entrance sashaying straight to my hips as I passed up the water and vegetables for the soda and junkfood.

Well, the blinders are off and this stops here and now, because I’m the ninja in this scenario and the weight doesn’t know what’s coming!


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