I was sitting in bed a few days ago when out of nowhere I went to the drawer where I keep my hair things (brushes, hair pins, barrettes, etc…) and started looking for my scissors.  Before I knew it, there was hair on the dresser and I had bangs.  All I could think was, “Oh, oh…what’s going on with me?”

See, cutting bangs is something I subconsciously do only when there’s something not going on in my life.  When it’s turned into routine and I’m in need of something– anything — that’s new.  In that way, I guess, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Unlike most people I am not afraid of change.  Not only do I like change I welcome change, embrace it,  seek it…need it like a drug.  The status quo is not for me and living a life that’s just routine is the equivalent of severe withdrawals.

This leads me to the actual problem.  After making a huge life change when I moved to Puerto Rico in October, the rest of my life has kind of just become routine and I’m afraid of what I will do next in my desperate need for a fix of excitement you see….it always starts with a bang!


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