I have fallen for the middle of the night. Is it love, is it lust?  I’m unsure.  His hold on me is strong and I am unable to resist his dark, brooding and mysterious ways.

The light of the moon casts a shadow upon us as we lie deep in thought, listening to the sound of the coquis as they sing in harmony.

Together we plan for the future and make sense of the past.  He is my secret: both my sanity and my chaos.

Sometimes sleep appears—a jealous lover ready to fight for me—but he has failed me and I have lost faith in him so I push him away and return to lie in the arms that give me comfort.

Inevitably dawn sneaks up behind us so quietly, shining a bright light upon us as if to tell us “you’ve been caught” and I turn to my love for comfort and realize he is gone and I am once again alone.


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