Yesterday I was making some comments on a post that stated, among other things, that Latinos should band together to vote one of our own into office.  It got me thinking about what voting for someone for any reason other than believing in what they stand for and for their abilities can do.  It also reminded me of this blog I wrote back in September ’08.  Re-reading it today and knowing what I know, I wish I had gone off on the mess that is Sarah Palin.  Hindsight is 20/20.

Proud Owner of a Vagina AND a Brain

One thing that I can’t stand is people who assume the stupidity of others.  This weekend was a perfect example of that with Senator McCain choosing Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Republicans everywhere assumed that Hillary’s followers would become Sarah followers as if women saw ownership of a vagina as a leadership credential.

I laughed at my republican friend who got excited over this news and even told him that his party could have any gender-following fools, while inwardly thinking that it would never be so.  No woman would disregard her ideology simply for the opportunity to see one of her own in a position of power.

Unfortunately, I’ve been proven wrong.  I was shocked as I saw Illinois McDemocrats (I think that’s what they called themselves) interviewed as they boarded a bus for Minnesota and responded with the following:  “I’m excited to see a woman in the White House.”  “A woman in the White House is what we need.”  HUH???  What???  I’m confused.  What is it exactly that a woman is needed for?  Please explain to me what a woman, whose views are the exact opposite of the person you follow, can do for you?

I am by no means bashing Gov. Palin (I question Sen. McCain’s judgment but that’s a whole other rant) because I respect that other people have different beliefs and I respect that they are just as passionate about them as I am about mine.  My point here is my disappointment at people who DO NOT follow their beliefs. People who do not take the time to think critically, people who are swayed by race and/or gender, people who follow party lines without so much as a thought about the big picture.

Women have made so much progress in this country.  As has been said about Hillary, 18 million cracks were made in the glass ceiling and that should be a positive thing.  Unfortunately, I am afraid that some of those cracks were made by idiots who bumped into it accidentally.


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