Maybe it’s the fact that I am up late every night so I have the benefit of catching almost every informercial out there, but it is interesting to see how many products are being invented for women to strap their jiggly parts in and lift their saggy parts up.  So I bring you just some of these items for your viewing pleasure…

BareLifts– The Invisible Solution for Perfect Support
Lift your saggy breast without that pesky bra.

Booty Pop– Aren’t blessed with a booty, your panties could be.
These even come with a warning sign so watch out!

Kymaro Body Shapers– The fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight

Now I will be the first to admit that I have fallen prey to some of these ads (don’t try the Kymaro body shapers, they are uncomfortable and hot); I don’t need the Booty Pop at all, but the BareLifts sound great (if they actually work).

This all leads me to think, are we so insecure as women that we’re an easy target for these inventions. If you look at these items as a whole you will notice that the majority are geared towards us and towards improving something we don’t like.  Sure there are fitness programs geared towards both men and women, but men don’t get commercials for items that help them fake slimmer hips or hide that beer belly. The only things that men seem to fall prey to, and this is an assumption based on the fact that one sample of this item still has ads on TV,  are pills that make certain things bigger.

Says a lot about our differences, doesn’t it?

The bigger question, would they sell if we weren’t buying?


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