I sit on the outside of your white picket fence watching you go about your life so normal in its appearance the husband the kids the having it all and I feel a slight pang of envy and wonder about my own picket fence would I survive within it would I be satisfied with the mundaness the sameness the routine of your day would I be able to smile as you do perfect teeth flashing but no life in your eyes that are covered by mountains of make-up creating a mask a keeper of secrets like perhaps your desire to be something other than what you became because your life the sum of choices made for you conceived of playing it safe of taking no risks but safety is just a mirage which traps you in a hold of delusion with invisible shackles that keep you from being who you once dreamed and now you long to be more but you must maintain this polite façade of contentment you feel others expect and each morning you paint on that mask the keeper of secrets in attempts to subdue the dreams trying to break free but our eyes meet and I see them as I watch you sit inside of your white picket fence watching me go about my life so free in its appearance wondering about the sparkle you see in my eyes where in yours I see only yearning…

2 thoughts on “Through Fences

  1. WOW!!!!! Libby, I love this piece so much because of the reality that it speaks directly to what I was discussing in my blog. You are so right…the same wave length. And yet, there is so much truth to this. So many people who live their lives with regret, and the question of what if? I’ve even worked with some individuals like that, whose eyes sparkle at the thought of pursuing their dreams, but fade with the feeling as though it is too late. Your such an amazing writer and I love your work so much. Keep pushing for happiness and for your dream. =D

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