I won’t try to lie and say that seeing a man with broad shoulders and muscle definition doesn’t make me smile and swoon like a goofy teenager. I believe we’re all visual sexybrainbeings to some extent, and I am no different. I will, however, say that I much prefer to see that man’s broad shoulders and defined muscles under a nice loose, but not too loose, fitting t-shirt. I find the mystery of what he may look like underneath kind of fun, a guessing game of sorts that involves having to use my imagination. To me, anything that requires the use of my brain is…well…sexy!

Sadly, it’s a lost art. Women, men, too many people are putting it all out there for the world to see.

Want to see a naked body? There’s no shortage of places to find one, and for free. Social networking sites are full of men, women, and sadly even teenagers, who post photos of themselves in their underwear just as casually as they post photos of their vacations.

I am by no means a prude, but I may just be old fashioned enough to wonder: What happened to discretion and modesty?  What happened to showing a little cleavage here, a little leg there, and leaving our bodies a mystery for someone to want to discover and explore?


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