When things are going wrong it’s easy to get muddled in the thick of negativity. I know that lately that has been my story. My normal happy-go-lucky self has been more of a cynic-at-a-pity-party self and I’ve discovered something: No one knows how to act or what to say. I liken it to the Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone knows that something is missing, but no one has the courage to say anything or ask why.It’s usually fine, after all having been the calm, peaceful one all of my life I am used to having those around me uncomfortable when I displayed anger or disappointment (ask anyone who’s known me for any amount of time and they’ll tell you they’ve never heard me yell, and wouldn’t know how to react if I ever did).

At this moment though, I want that child around, the one who in curious innocence said about the Emperor, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all.” Just like the emperor, I (and other happy-go-luckies out there) need others to recognize what no one else will: We’re only human and we are fallible


One thought on “Me and the emperor

  1. I love “The Empereror and his new clothes!” Didn’t they also make a similar version for a principal?

    Anyways, know how you feel, girl! I’ve had some of that “good” luck myself. I woke up one morning to Niagara Falls. A pipe in the water heater burst and flooded the upstairs balcony causing rain to come down from the ceiling. Oy.


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