I just read the following phrase: “Try Jesus. If u don’t like him, satan will always take you back” and all I could think as I read it is, “WOW! So if I don’t believe in Jesus I’m damned?” It’s such a strong statement, extenuating circumstances aren’t a consideration.

It’s been that kind of week though. One in which I’ve been both amazed and disappointed at the absolute, absoluteness of life.

Apparently there’s no middle ground, there are no exceptions when it comes to most things in life.

According to the statement above, I could spend every day of my life in service to others, but it’s my belief/love for Jesus that will save me.

According to the left Sarah Palin’s denouncement of the media makes her a nut, but the left’s denouncement of the same is just self-preservation, righteous even.

Absolutey, NOT!

We all say we want peace, we all say we want understanding but most fail to be honest with themselves. What they truly want is their version of those things, using their methods to achieve it.

A dear friend recently asked a question about maturity in relation to age. I told him that they weren’t related, that some people though they had years of life experiences, were stuck in absolute beliefs, unwilling to waver. 

The I am right and you are wrong mentality is alive and well, in the old and the young alike.


Life is a rainbow of people and beliefs.

So I don’t believe in absolutes, extremes or black & white. I choose to live my life in technicolor open to every opportunity to do better and be better that comes my way.


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