An interesting note about life: even when you know something wasn’t right for you, it’s difficult to accept it didn’t work out if it let you go instead of the other way around.

I’ve had many such moments in the last few years, most recently last week.

As I think about the latest installment of “The Universe Kicked Me in the Ass,” I realize that I would probably feel different about what happened had the decision been mine, as it should have been. But because I chose to take the ‘safer’ path, ignoring the instincts that have rarely failed me—the ones that told me you don’t belong there—I allowed someone else to make a decision about my life for me.

In all of this I am reminded that I used to be so much more fearless and something, perhaps fear of aging, has made me lose (override?) that part of me.

I don’t like it!

In choosing comfort I have found failure, so I ask…

Where’s the girl that despite severe asthma issues hiked many a Utah mountain, including Angel’s Landing?

Where’s the girl who never doubted her ability to make it through any and every situation?

I’m thankful for having to face moments of failure because it’s a reminder that I must stop chasing comfort and complacency and accept the fact that my life will never be ordinary.


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