I am looking through the journals I kept as a teenager—there are many—and I found the following poem I wrote when I was 17.

You Did Care

I trusted you once and with that came the pain
I should’ve known better than to trust you again.

I was blinded by my love for you,
I thought we could start all over new.

We were okay for a while, but the happiness didn’t last.
My eyes opened up and I remembered the past.

I realized that I had been through this before,
the day you left me and walked out the door.

I knew then that this would have to end,
before you broke my heart so it couldn’t mend.

I think of you sometimes and of the memories we shared,
I guess in your own way, you did care.

I have to laugh as I read this since I have no idea where all of this angst and knowledge of lost love came from. Up to that point my experience—I was a late bloomer, a nerd—was strictly of the unrequited crush sort.  Poor 17 year old me. 🙂


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