I was once land of the free, home of the brave.
I was a pillar of strength.

I welcomed and nurtured you, though none of you were my own.
I brought you up to have pride, to build a legacy of hard work and innovation.
Though you were all different, your love for me had the power to bring you together.

Ten years ago today, I was attacked.
The injuries devastating, incomprehensible, meant to tear you, my children, apart.
For a moment your love for me prevailed
as you put aside your differences to be by my side, to support me, to save me.

But it was short lived.

Your love turned to sadness and your pride into anger as
you looked around suspiciously questioning who belonged by my side.

You rushed to claim my name and my riches
as your brothers and sisters became ‘the other.’

Your attention wavered as fear took control leaving me to die a little every day

and now?

Now, I am merely a memory.
Distorted versions of me used for the sake of selfish gain.

But, not all is lost…

I live in you!

You, my progeny, are now America.

My legacy is in your hands.

Who will you become?


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