I live on what my building terms the 3rd floor but I swear is more like a fourth floor. It’s embarrassing to say that recovering from the climb always takes me a few minutes. That’s why this, my first Friendly Inspiration post, is featuring my dear friend Cynthia Torres Sanchez, who today finished the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in 41:05, climbing a total of 2,340 steps. OUCH!

But her perseverance and success as she set on a path to fitness last year is only one reason Cynthia inspires me. How she’s even found time to focus on her health and fitness is a wonder to me since she’s a mother of two, who works a full-time job, AND is currently working on a Master’s degree.

Cynthia is also one of the dearest friends a person can have. Kind, empathetic, loyal and generous to a fault, she makes me want to be a little better for being around her. She’s patient and understanding where I am not, and has accepted me and my quirks without judgement.

For all of this and much more, Cynthia is one of my real-life inspirations.


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