I almost typed the title of this post without the asterik, but figured I’d ease into the profanity on this blog. As I work to develop my writing voice I have to be authentic and the authentic me swears. Sometimes a lot. And as a good friend suggested when we discussed my blog, my blog requires the authentic me, the quirky, sometimes even crazy me.

Why today? Well, it goes a little something like this:

A little earlier I was stuck just staring at the monitor. I’d written two paragraphs of a blog, and even I was bored reading them. It was a nice little story, but just not me. Too careful. Too censored for niceness. The real me isn’t that nice. I’m completely random, sometimes snarky, and I swear. Wait, I already said that. ¬†Anyway, I couldn’t finish what I had been writing. I decided to head to the grocery store to take a little break. On my way out I spotted ‘the neighbor’ walking his dog.

So yes, ‘the neighbor.’ He requires an explanation. Back in late March I was getting in a cab outside of my building when I heard someone say “Nice shoes.” I turned to see a very good-looking guy coming out of my building looking in my direction. I said a quick thanks, got in the cab and left. Ever since that day I’ve been curious about the guy who liked my shoes and what it meant that he liked my shoes: My purple suede stilettos.

Just last week I saw a good-looking guy with a dog come out of my building. He nodded, I nodded and as I walked away I wondered, “Could that be my ‘nice shoes’ neighbor?” So when I saw him again as I left to the store today I figured the only way I’d know was if I wore my purple suede stilettos ’till I found him again (my constant choice of flip-flops weren’t getting a second glance). Something like Cinderella except that the Prince may either have a foot fetish or worse, be gay.

But I digress, this post is really not about a guy or shoes. It’s about my blog and my writing voice, and as I continued walking and thinking about wearing purple shoes everywhere I go, I heard my brain say “Fuck the glass slipper! It’s all about the purple suede stilettos!” and I simultaneously laughed and thought “Oh my GOD, that’s the perfect title for a blog!”

And hence the decision to be more me. To be profane if I want to be. To admit via my writing what my closest friends already know and what Moments in My Head was always supposed to represent…the randomness of the thoughts in my head and the moments they create.


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