One of the greatest things about life is that it’s sometimes surprising. A great example of that are the people who come in and out of

Ana Maria Soto

your life. One minute you’re meeting someone new, and a year and a dozen cups of coffee later, you have a dear friend. Such is the case for my friendship with the great Ana Maria Soto. We started and ended a job at the same company on the same days and became great friends in the process, bonding over our common views of the world, backgrounds in higher education, and our penchant for ensuring that life wasn’t all work and no play.

But it’s not just our commonalities that made us friends, for me–a girl with wanderlust–there’s an admiration for someone who has an incredible story. She knows the world, not only because she’s read about it, but because she’s lived it with years in countries such as Ecuador, El Salvador, and Spain just to name a few.

She’s a networker, a connector, and an education expert. She’s “La College Guru” answering students’ questions weekly for Latina Smart, and doling out helpful advice on her blog Edúcate Latina.

Oh, and did I mention she’s a great cook? Get to know her and she may just make you her delicious tres leches or pumpkin flan. Trust me, you’ll say thanks.

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