When I moved into my new apartment a year ago I found a little surprise left on my kitchen counter. It was a beautiful, personalized wine bottle charm that read “Libby’s Reserve” from my landlord, Marjorie.

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I was beyond touched with her gracious gift, and though I rarely drink at home, I went right out to buy a bottle of wine. I figured it was required not only to display the gift, but to celebrate my new place.

Months later, as she and I were talking, I found out that the charm is a creation of The Wine Steward and it’s made in partnership with Easter Seals of Metropolitan Chicago. I knew I had to share it with my friends and readers.

“The Wine Steward partnered with Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago to provide vocational training and meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with Autism. These beautiful bottle charms are handmade by students/adult clients at Easter Seals Autism Therapeutic School and Adult Vocational Program in Tinley Park, IL. This long-term production contract provides meaningful employment opportunities for over 16 individuals with Autism. We are proud of our partnership with Easter Seals and the unique skill set of their efficient team is a perfect fit for The Wine Steward’s needs.”

I very rarely “sell” or “advertise” products on my blog, but I absolutely LOVE mine AND love that such a neat gift also helps a great organization, so how could I not.

Visit The Wine Steward’s website for a listing of products and personalized features and tell them Libby sent you!


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