If you’ve seen my Twitter account or the avatar on this blog’s account, then you know that I’m a caricature sitting at a desktop. A good friend of mine had it done as a gift for me by a cartoonist friend of ours. He made sure that whatever else about me Dave, the cartoonist, captured–the color of my eyes, the waves of my hair–he had to have me sitting at a computer.

The caricature is about six years old. I was just getting my first laptop the, but desktop or laptop, the truth that to know me was to know me on a computer. Six years later it’s still true. I’ve lived with my fingers on a keyboard for years. So, a few weeks ago, exhausted by the many changes that were taking place in my life, including a new puppy and starting a new job, I came home one day and looked at my laptop with disdain. I couldn’t make myself open it. The thought of looking at a monitor for more than entertainment exhausted me. Unfortunately, this feeling came right around the same time I was nominated (WEEE!!) for a blog award by HispanoBloggers. I kept thinking, I should be blogging more regularly than ever, but I couldn’t do it. My mind had a zillion ideas, but the fingers refused to type them

So, now, after FINALLY catching up with an out of control email inbox (the real source of my exhaustion), I’m writing this post about my unplanned hiatus as a first step toward regular blogging. I have SO MUCH to share. So many changes in my life that continue to bring more positive opportunities my way and I want to tell all, to share the excitement.

One potentially amazing new thing in my life is happening this weekend, not one that I’ll share too much about, yet, but still…I will catch you all up over the weekend.

See you soon!

In the meantime, check out my upcoming project at More than Latina for a glimpse of what’s to come!


2 thoughts on “The times they are a changing

  1. Libby, it all sounds so exciting. Can’t wait to hear all of what you have to share! And congratulations on the very well-deserved blog award nomination. As for the blogging hiatus, I for one totally get it and don’t believe anybody could fault you for it. Life happens. Last few months there have been days I’ve left the laptop in the trunk of the car after getting home from work lest I risk blowing a fuse. A big hug to you and your sweet puppy! 🙂

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