Shuffling through my iPod yesterday, trying to create a Christmas music playlist, I saw I had downloaded Tito El Bambino’s Christmas hit, Feliz Navidad. 

Cue the Wayne and Garth flashback sound effect here

Late Wednesday, October 28, 2009 I arrived in Puerto Rico for what would be almost a year of reconnecting with culture, family, language, and the place I had called home as a child. There were many firsts and many adventures, one that took place just a little over a day later. My brother’s cousin, who was also visiting, and I connected immediately sensing the other’s sense of adventure and took off on the first of the many adventures we’d have over the next few months. This one, a quick trip to San Juan. There, just a short walk from where we parked was a plaza filled with cameras and musicians. We learned they were preparing to film a video.

Having just started trying to connect with my Latina roots through music a year before, I was curious. When I saw Tito, I recognized him and though I don’t usually get worked up over celebrities, I thought it was fate that brought us to San Juan right at that moment. We stayed to watch them film part of the video (it’s actually a long boring process to watch) and then went on our way, had some dinner, walked around and what was supposed to be a quick trip to the capital, turned into “Oh shit, we’re late and we’re gonna be in trouble” and very telling of what was to  come.

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Touching up the make up
Touching up the make up
Tito El Bambino
Waiting for the crew
The live music was great
The live music was great

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