A picture is a poem without words. ~Horace

To me, words have always been how I paint a picture, perhaps because of my inability to pain or draw in spite of my desire to do so. For that very reason, I admire those who can and am thankful to know some very talented artists that I call family and friends, and that everyone should know.

I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to attempt to describe their art, so I will let their work speak for itself.

Jennifer Larancuent

By Artist and writer Jennifer Larancuent
Facebook / Twitter
Art Site

Xeno Martinez

By Artist and writer Xeno Martinez

Facebook / Twitter
Art Site

Hector Juliá

By Artist Hector Juliá (my cousin)


The Sun Rose

Resistant artist and maybe you can help me motivate to do more, Jenifer Umbach for my piece The Sun Rose


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