When I close my eyes to dream
I don’t recognize the woman I see.

Her long hair flows softly with the breeze,
as she stands barefoot on the beach.
Not a bikini-clad, sun goddess
but a free-spirited bohemian princess.

Her crooked, gap-toothed smile lights up her face
as she warmly greets passersby.
Not with a simple hello,
but a sincere, “How are you today?”

Her golden brown eyes reflect the light of the sun,
as though the depth of her mind did not exist.
Not a reflection of no cares in the world,
but freedom from the prison of her thoughts.

Her round hips sway as she strolls,
as if she’s dancing to a private song.
Not quite a salsa, not quite a samba,
but a rhythm all her own.

She is a familiar stranger that I’d like to know;
she is the me, I want to be.


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