Forget the crap you see in Cosmo with its glossy pictures and advice about how to keep your man satisfied! We need real talk, and actor/playwright/comedian/dancer/musician/activist, Melissa DuPrey brings it to us like she’s one of our Girls and we’re dishing secrets at a slumber party, in her one-woman show, SEXomedy. 

I first caught a glimpse (about 10 minutes) of SEXomedy during a fundraiser I attended a few months back. The host presented Melissa and I thought, wait I know that name. She got on stage and I immediately felt her energy. As she began to talk about the trialsSexomedy and tribulations of body hair and shaving, my friend turned to me and said, “She’s funny” and I nodded.

Then, there it was, the moment it went from humorous to raw, real, and hilarious. She was  not only talking about shaving ‘there’ but she was mimicking the motions we all knew we’d made a million times. My friend and I had the same reaction: Our eyes opened wide, our hands over our mouths as we gasped, and then we looked at each other and burst into laughter as we pointed at Melissa as if saying, “That’s right, Girl! TELL IT!”

It was then I remembered how I knew Melissa’s name and knew that I had to get in touch with this Humboldt Park daughter and figure out how to promote her and her work. AND more importantly, I had to see the full show!

Since that day in February, I’ve seen Sexomedy twice and have laughed my ass off both times. But Sexomedy is much more than just about laughs. It’s real, it’s relatable, and it’s about women not only accepting their bodies but accepting themselves as sexual and sensual beings.

With her wit, boundless energy, and honesty about her own body and sexuality, Melissa leaves us feeling with a new found comfort level when it comes to discussing ‘taboo’ topics such as masturbation (we all do it, we rarely admit to it) and oral sex, as well as feeling better about the fact that we’re not alone in our frustration about how long it takes to get our bodies ready to have sex.

Sexomedy is a must-see show for women AND men. Women will leave waling a little taller and more confident in owning their sensuality, and men will leave having learned just a little more about what it is like to be a woman in this world and how not to make a pussy frown.

Support this young Latina and Humboldt Park, Chicago native as her show takes the mainstage of Greenhouse Theatre on Wednesday, July 31st. (Click here to purchase tickets)

Watch the trailer, and stay tuned for more about Melissa, her work, and how Sexomedy came to be as I publish the details of our one on one conversation in the coming days!

Click here to purchase tickets


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