My blog turned 8 sometime between February and March!

Funny story…

Last week someone on Facebook posted that they were having a blogi
versary. “How cool! I thought to myself.  Why wasn’t I on top of this? Not only had I never thought about celebrating my own blog’s anniversary, but I had no idea how many years it had been or during which month that celebration would fall. So I immediately looked through my archives calculated that it was 6 years as of February.

Let the celebration begin!!!

I announced it by sharing the link to my very first post on social media. I received a few congrats, including a very special one from one of my favorite writers (seriously, he’s awesome and you must check out his blog at Cultura con Limón), and then party over. I really wasn’t sure that there was a need for more.

But then yesterday happened.

I had the opportunity to teach—guide may be a better word—a blogging workshop through the newly founded Chicago Latino Writers Initiative. Since the group was small, we were able to have an intimate conversation around the table. Having facilitated two blogging workshops prior to that, I knew that everyone was coming with either very broad or very focused expectation, and so a more interactive format was perfect (or at least I hope it was).

I shared how I started on my own blogging journey, how I’d just ‘celebrated’ my 6 year anniversary, and the ways it helped me grow as a writer. They shared their thoughts, their blogging goals and aspirations, and what was holding them back from just going for it. I left with an energy about writing that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I sincerely hope they left with a similar excitement.

Here’s the funny part…

Still feeling that high today, I started thinking back at how I got started and realized that I was wrong about the date. While my first post on this platform is dated February of 2008 and references a date of 2007, my first blog post, which I’ve had to request access to, was written in late February/early March of 2006 on MySpace. I wrote a short post detailing the confusion I was feeling after a break up. I don’t know what made me share it publically instead of turning to my private journal. Maybe I was subconsciously hoping someone would be able to give me the answers I was looking for. Who knows!

I don’t think that back then I ever imagined that eight years later I would’ve published over 300 posts—yes, there are over 300 posts in this blog alone—contributed to a variety of other online platforms, become the managing editor of an online blog (turned magazine under my time there), be in the process of starting my own online magazine, and have regular opportunities to stand in front of groups sharing all that I’ve learned in the process.

It has certainly been an 8-year roller coaster, and the ride’s been exhilarating. While in the scheme of all blogging things, my blog is barely a blip on the radar, I’m forever humbled by the thought that someone, anyone wants to read.

Cheers and thank you to all who have helped me hold on! To eight more wonderful years! 


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