On a summer day in 2013 I decided to grow out my gray hair, and the posts on the topic that followed brought a lot of new visitors to my blog. So now, a few weeks after that fateful day at the Walgreens hair color aisle, I need to come clean.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to break the news—aren’t I just so very dramatic?

If you follow me on any social media, you already know: I dyed my hair.

See, what had happened was….

  • I got bored
  • My gray was turning yellow
  • I wanted more options
  • I wasn’t feeling pretty
  • I was about to turn 45

The above reasons are all true and are not in any particular order.

I figure I could always start over. For now…here it is: (Photo not viewable? Click to view on Instagram)


5 thoughts on “A girl’s gotta right to change her mind

  1. Your original post is still helpful and inspiring even though you eventually dyed again. It’s a personal choice and it’s ok to dye or not and to change your mind. Thanks for sharing! I am 37 and stopped dying my silver hair a year ago. I cut all the dye off.

  2. Yes, hope you’ll still leave the original post up because it certainly helped and inspired me. Hair color is such a personal thing, hope you’re enjoying yours!

  3. Libby! OMG you were one of the people who inspired me because you also have dark hair. And BTW, before I dive in here, I just love the way you write – I really enjoy reading your blog. Ok. So I don’t like my hair like this – i’ve been going for about six months and I actually don’t have as much white/gray here as I thought, but I had an intense zipper head yes that’s right “zipper head don’t you just love that term? I first heard it in the beginning when a friend of mine lovingly referred to me that way and I remarked that yes, that was the look I was going for! But I digress… After not being able to handle the dreaded ZP, I started to mix in highlights. With the help of a stylist. I was going for highlights as white as I could get ’em, and though there are not quite white, they are pretty good. They mix in with the gray. However lately I really REALLY miss my dark hair. I had highlights once before and I feel like they wash me out and so I feel like these wash me out! I’m ready to die again!
    Don’t know what I’m going to do however because while I was very gung ho about going gray my primary problem was becoming allergic to hair dyes. I do OK but not perfect with the nonammonia ones….
    Soooo my dear Libby, tell me which die did you use?? By the way it looks great – you look smoking! It’s Friday night , and with no plans and Walgreens right around the corner, what’s a girl to do???

  4. LOL – I was reading your blog to get a perspective on growing out the grey (but unfortunately mine is not a beautiful pure white like yours – mine is about 40% grey so very salt and pepper), and then I found this post! All power to you – it’s our choice what we do with our own hair! 🙂

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