Early morning and I sit on my favorite hill feeling the softness of the breeze on my cheek I see its quiet strength as it sways the branches on the trees and I am still I look out in the distance where I catch the sun sneak behind the clouds that softly float over the … Continue reading Still


Writer’s Block: The battle for my mind

Like my dreams, forgotten once the sun rises, my mind writes paragraphs of beautiful prose that vanish as I attempt to put them on paper. For with its jealous nature my mind seeks sole possession of the depth of my thoughts. And just as I lay each morning fruitlessly trying to recall dreams as their memories … Continue reading Writer’s Block: The battle for my mind

Bad Day

Oh bad day you have sneaked upon me once again you devilish fool. I saw you coming from miles in the distance and believed my happiness could withstand your forces but you broke through my wall of laughter and invaded my fortress of smiles armed with your cynicism, you have wounded me and caused me to … Continue reading Bad Day

Do you know how to be alone? [video]

If you don't know how to be alone, I recommend learning. You just may find that you are wonderful company.

Just that…

Like me, my nephew has been writing since he was very young.  It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to read his work, but today I found this beautiful piece.  Enjoy...   Just that... Walking in the rain, I'm soaked, but not in complaint... I guess I'm looking for something great in my … Continue reading Just that…

Through Fences

I sit on the outside of your white picket fence watching you go about your life so normal in its appearance the husband the kids the having it all and I feel a slight pang of envy and wonder about my own picket fence would I survive within it would I be satisfied with the mundaness the … Continue reading Through Fences