Confession time…

I just wrote a blog for Being Latino titled La anti-Latina.  A humorous (?) look at my struggles as the 'atypical' Latina.  Not hours after it posted I saw that a childhood friend (now acquaintance) changed her profile picture on Facebook. It's a beautiful photo meant to show off her, obviously, late-stage pregnancy. She's older … Continue reading Confession time…


Love, it’s a challenge: The [almost] perfect date

It begins with a look. A look that leads to conversation, no big deal. It's just conversation, you've had great conversation before and you've been disappointed, but deep inside you want to believe that maybe this time it will be different. You share tidbits of your life, hoping you're saying enough, worried you're saying too … Continue reading Love, it’s a challenge: The [almost] perfect date

You don’t always get what you want

Originally published May 2009 In a conversation about Facebook, a friend once stated that anyone from their past not currently in their lives probably doesn't need to be there. I wholeheartedly disagree. Though there are many people from my past who are not and will not ever be part of my present, there are many … Continue reading You don’t always get what you want