I just wrote a blog for Being Latino titled La anti-Latina.  A humorous (?) look at my struggles as the ‘atypical’ Latina.  Not hours after it posted I saw that a childhood friend (now acquaintance) changed her profile picture on Facebook. It’s a beautiful photo meant to show off her, obviously, late-stage pregnancy.

She’s older than me and seeing her in this state, looking so absolutely gorgeous, healthy and happy, gave me renewed hope.  If she at 40 is in the midsts of a healthy pregnancy, then there might be hope for me, turning 40 in just three short months, to realize my dream of becoming a Mom.

While hope in dreams lost is good, this also made me question my assertion that I am okay with what is.  Am I really?  Have I really accepted what is or has that dream been lying dormant just waiting for someone to ignite it with hope?

Perhaps it’s a little of both? We can continue to dream about the things we want,while simultaneously acknowledging that sometimes we just don’t have full control in matters of life. So we not only accept, but embrace, the life we have because there’s freedom in acceptance as there is freedom in dreams.


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