It begins as just another sound but soon I recognize the different instruments blending together in harmonies and melodies, creating an undeniable rhythm. My head begins to bop; up and down, left and right.  My toes begin to tap as I feel the vibrations run throughmy body. They come together in a bolt of electricity that lifts me up from where I sit. I cannot resist the urge to move as my feet take on a life of their own. I feel compelled to sway my hips and raise my arms to the heavens in praise. The rest of the world is only blurr as I turn and toss my head and my hair flows. I close my eyes and I am alone in a world of beautiful sensations. I feel weightless, I am floating. I am not one with the music, I am the music. It’s in my soul and I am dancing to the rhythm of life.



2 thoughts on “Soul Music

  1. I am glad to hear that the music has enveloped you and hopefully healed the wounds imposed upon you by murphy’s law.

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