At the age of 18 I would’ve walked up to the Happiness King counter and ordered the following: a marriage by 22 and please supersize the kids.  That was my naive definition of happiness and wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have it served my way.

Well, years later (you do the math) I’m glad that no such place exists. Life has been one exciting surprise after another for me. I’ve had the opportunity to live in various places, meet different people and travel to places some people only dream of.

Don’t get me wrong, not having it my way has created discomfort along the way. Nights of no sleep wondering what was next and why wasn’t my next just what society said it should be.

But life is one big lesson and time teaches us that what was is what was meant to be. We learn that we can’t have total control of decisions that involve people other than you. We also learn that sometimes things don’t work out, and that we have the ability to pick ourselves up and get back on our paths despite the difficulties.

Through those experiences we learn that being comfortable being content doesn’t necessarily bring a life of happiness. In the end we learn that taking a risk, and living a life of passion and action reaps the sweetest rewards.

Take a risk, speak your mind, follow your heart and allow the world make sense afterwards.


4 thoughts on “Happiness: Have it Your Way

  1. I ran into a woman several years ago who, in response to my singledom, asked “when are good things going to happen to you?” I remember thinking, good things are happening to me. I have a college degree, I own a home, have great friends and family. For this woman life did not exist if a man wasn’t in it. While a man would be a nice addition to my life, I cannot let that define who I am as a person. If I did I would be seriously depressed! I figure that I am still single for a reason, and to dwell on the why nots and what ifs would be to throw away the time that has been given to grow and learn from the experiences handed to me.

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