The Kleenex brand of facial tissues had a marketing campaign for 2007 that struck a chord with me. They toured various cities asking people on the street random questions. Questions such as “What have you been holding back?” in NYC and “What makes you laugh out loud?” in Las Vegas.

Now, while I’m not a fan at all of marketing campaigns and people tugging on the heart strings to take my money, I was sold on this campaign. I hadn’t thought much about the commercials in a while but I just caught one and it made me think. “Let it out!” What a great concept.

One of my favorite tag lines “My tears do not diminish my strength” came from a response one of the people on the street gave to the moderator in one of the commercials. I am a big baby. I know this and have learned not just to accept this, but to be embrace it. I’ve realized that while it may take strength to hold back your feelings, it also takes strength to allow yourself to share and therefore be vulnerable.

I recommend you check out the site, ask yourself some questions and even if it’s the privacy of your own room…cleanse yourself and “Let it Out!”


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