Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet some new people when I was invited to an apartment downtown. Upon entering the building the glass door to enter the lobby was red but you didn’t know that until you walked through it into the lobby and saw that the decorations were in fact not all red. The lobby was beautifully furnished, the hallway that led to the elevators was amazing; red walls, beautiful photography, techno music was playing in the elevators. Very modern and cool. The rooftop deck was also amazingly furnished with an incredible view of the city. Yet, the actual apartment was just the typical small Chicago apartment in need of some rehab. Nothing extraordinary.

While there, I met a group of people, including a beautiful young lady. Beautiful in the standards of our American society in that she was blond and thin. She was also relatively nice, but sadly, that’s where it stopped. There is something about me that makes strangers comfortable enough to tell me extremely personal things at first meeting. Because of this I wasn’t surprised when she told me, without hesitation, that she had to be f’d up everyday and to this end she drinks and takes adderall daily. I listened to her go on and on about how she lives her life f’d up and high and all I could think was “wow, you are just like your apartment: beautiful on the outside, but in need of a lot of work on the inside.”


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