One of my co-workers passed away yesterday. Death is always sad but there are times when you expect it. When someone is older or has been sick for an extended length of time. In this case it is shocking. She was 24 and in, I believe, relative good health until she had an appendectomy a few weeks ago.

As with many of my co-workers, my interaction with this young lady was strictly on the phone. I’m sure that I had seen her in the halls and didn’t connect the name to the person so I knew her as a name and not much else. That doesn’t diminish the sadness that I feel. I feel sad that she didn’t get to live out her life, that she didn’t see her death coming and therefore couldn’t prepare (not that I know what preparation for death would entail). I am sad for her family and close friends who are probably in such shock at this moment.

I wish for her that she passed in peace. That she was able to fulfill at least one of her dreams. That she lived a life of love and laughter and that those she leaves behind are filled with beautiful memories of her time here on earth.


One thought on “Just Too Young

  1. Sorry Libs! May she RIP.

    When I was 9yo I had a ruptured appendix. I was so sick & hospitalized for 6 weeks. I almost died twice from sepsis. It can be a very dangerous situation. And yet Appendectomies are done pretty “routinely”…you just never know. So sad for her family.

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