There are moments when the sunny warm weather, the tropical beauty, and the sound of the coquis at night do not make up for the comforts of, well, comfort.   In those moments the path of endless possibilities that once brought so much excitement becomes instead a fear-inducing trail of darkness where I can’t see what’s ahead.

It is then that I begin to imagine what I left behind and I see the comfort of routine and the support of those I loved so dearly.  So I look behind me and hope to hear a call “come back” but instead I get a wave of hello and see life in progress.

I sit and retreat unto myself wishing that someone or something would tell me where I’m going and show me the way there.  I say a little prayer and from the strangest of places come these words, “…there’s always a way.  When things look like there’s no way, there’s a way. A way to do the impossible, to survive the unsurvivable.  In the face of the impossible, we are possible.  Today, if you become frightened, instead become inspired.”

…and for today I am comforted, for today I am calmed.


One thought on “Today

  1. Beautiful! Know in your heart that you have made the choice to live your life, instead of just going through the motions. You will find a way or it will find you- it is only a matter of time.

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