After years of being broken into and suffering through vandalism in the form of lies, half-truths and worse, no communication at all, from various delinquents of the male persuasion, my heart has decided to move.

Its former residence, my sleeve, is just no longer a safe environment

We considered a gated community but ultimately require more security than it can offer.

After reviewing all other options it was decided that the wide open space of Siberia is the ideal location. A remote castle surrounded by a moat filled with dangerous animals is currently in the last stage of construction.

Those who wish to visit must either be invited or come prepared to slay dragons.


One thought on “Cold-hearted

  1. Though it is normal to want to hide away in an attempt to not feel it is not a realistic place to be. Part of living is taking that risk and opening our hearts to would be suitors.
    I have so often felt like giving up but I have a difficult time giving up on the dream of having a partner in life who really gets me. Maybe this new move will bring about new adventures. šŸ™‚

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