A few weeks ago my Dad, my partner-in-crime and I took off to have lunch in Guavate, which is famous for their lechón asado or savory suckling pig roasted on a spit to you non-Spanish speakers.  Our favorite place is great.  It’s huge, there’s a dance floor, they have live bands on the weekends and if you go downstairs you can eat by the beautiful river.

When we were leaving, my Dad suggested that we continue down the road rather than go back the way we came, which according to him would only add about 30 minutes to our trip.

We, of course, should not have trusted this as my Dad’s sense of direction is about ten or more years old, but out of respect (probably more out of a love of exploring new places) we decided to indulge him.  In other words, we decided to go get lost and lost we got.

It took us about two additional hours to get home and in those two hours we had the good fortune to run into a river, a lake and the sea.  All of which we stopped to admire.

Just the other day after I left my partner-in-crime at the airport I took a wrong turn and ended up lost again.  I somehow figured out how to get back and found an entirely different route home.  I was so proud of myself because I didn’t get scared and I found my way all on my own.  As I drove on and began to recognize where I was, I had an epiphany about being lost.

Lost gets such a bad rap.  The thought of being lost or feeling lost makes us fearful, yet it’s that very fear that creates the problem.  If we take the fear out of being lost we open ourselves up to new experiences.

Often embracing the unknown helps us to see life in a new way.  We find that whether we take a wrong turn on the road or in life we are never really lost, we are only finding a different path to where we want to go.

If there’s a choice, I say let’s go get lost.


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