It’s a gloomy day here in Puerto Rico, which I’m absolutely loving because I don’t have to have two fans and the AC going to feel comfortable in my room, but hating because I am absolutely bored (how is beyond me since I have a laundry list of things to do).

I hear it’s a beautiful day in my former city of Chicago so to all of you I left behind, you’re welcome for my sacrifice ::wink::

Back to my original thought, I’m bored and feel no desire to work
on things from my actual list of Things to Do (the list only exists in my head) so instead I thought I’d post my bucket list.  Being me, I couldn’t just start the list, I had to wonder where the term bucket list came from, which came to me a minute later when I remembered the term ‘kick the bucket’ which then made me curious about how the term kick the bucket came to mean die.

With my curiousity somewhat satisfied, I present to you my bucket list… (please see the pretend-it’s-legal disclaimer)

1. I want to go skydiving.  I am terrified of heights, so it only makes sense.

2. I want to write a book.  When my blog is turned into a book, feel free to skip this particular chapter.

3.  I want to become fluent in Italian just in case it’s my destiny to find Francesco and live my life in Florence.

4. I want to own a beautiful house in Puerto Rico.  You know, just in case that life with Francesco doesn’t pan out.

5. I’ve been on a raft and down a river but I want to go river rafting and actually see white water and hit rocks and see my life flashing before front of my eyes.

6. I want to sing, even if only once, with a band like a real singer.  No TV monitor anywhere highlighting lyrics.

7. I want to meet all my virtual friends in person for drinks and lots of laughter.

Aforementioned pretend-it’s-legal disclaimer…

I, Libby Lu, reserve the right to add and or delete items listed in this bucket (can’t say list because it sounds redundant to say listed in the bucket list or does it?) as life continues, my interests change and/or more importantly as I actually accomplish the desired goal..


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