Popeye y Oliva, that’s what he called us, though it’s still not clear why.  He wondered outloud, “Que diria la gente cuando los vean caminando juntos?  Dirian que pareja mas curiosa.”  (“What do people say when they see you walking together?  They must say what a curious pair.”)

Me?  I’m not tall and lanky. You?  Well, I don’t get the comparison beyond the reference to the curious pair.  Maybe that’s it, we were a curious pair brought together by what we may have thought was fate, but was just chance.  In our need for change, we quickly created a world of our own where we shut out reality, convinced that only today was real.  We became explorers and tried to live a life of adventure each encouraging the dreams of the other.

Then slowly the bubble that was our dream burst and we realized that we, like Popeye y Oliva were the brainchild of someone’s imagination and none of us were real.


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