A few months ago I posted about being diagnosed with ADD.  I was so excited to put a name to something I always knew was *wrong* with me.  Unfortunately, about a month after my diagnosis I made the decision to move  (distracted- watched tv, checked FB) to Puerto Rico and learning how to manage my ADD fell off my list of things to do.

It’s nine months later and I no longer have insurance and I’m wishing I had taken care of it when I had  the chance.  Some of my symptoms are becoming more pronounced and I am truly struggling.  I am supposed to be translating my resume into Spanish and (distracted- checked my phone that was *not* ringing) looking for employment.

I am officially frustrated.  I want so badly to be a normal adult and have the ability to focus and lose myself in whatever task I am working on at the moment, whether it interests me or not, but that is so difficult for me.  (distracted- staring into space, checked phone, twirled hair)

It’s also very difficult to explain to people the realities of living with this and so in order to help you, the reader, understand I found a very good article which focuses (lol) on Hyperfocus.

Learn About ADHD: Focus on Hyperfocus
Information about ADHD symptom of hyperfocus — a common symptom that explains why many attention deficit children and adults can concentrate so intently at times.
by Royce Flippin

I have also (distracted- watched tv) used the writing of this blog as an experiment sharing each time was distracted and how.   This shows how even information that is in my mind and should be written relatively quickly as a stream of consciousness does not due to my inability to focus.  To put things into an even more clear perspective, this post took about 2 hours to complete.

More to come on this subject as I continue my research.  In the meantime, enjoy my favorite scene from the movie UP. “Squirrel!


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