As I was stuck in heavy traffic I set my iPod on a song that I love for the specific intent of singing to it at the top of my lungs.  I started to sing along with the song but before I knew it the song was over and I had only sang a verse, if that.  My mind had wandered as it does quite often, and I had missed the moment.  In frustration at my inability to stay in the moment I decided to continue testing myself with the same song as I drove, my goal was to remain in the moment long enough to sing the song all the way through.  After about ten tries, I almost made it to the end once.  It was progress…

A moment appears before you dressed in bright, bold colors. “I’m here,” it announces in a loud, excited tone. “Enjoy me, cherish me, and love me” it demands. Its excitement is contagious and it consumes you with its offering so you can think of nothing else.  But soon enough your attention begins to waiver. Your mind begins to wander as it’s distracted with regrets of the past and worries of the future.

The moment will have none of this and shouts, “LIVE ME! Laugh with me, cry with me, embrace me and take all of me. Take full advantage now as I won’t be here long. Stop thinking of the past and worrying about a future that’s unknown, for one day you’ll want to look back and remember what I offered you while I was here. I am only but a moment after all and I am fleeting.”


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