I just found a journal and in it I have only one entry. It’s of a day sometime ago. A day I don’t recall specifically but I remember the general feeling of that time in my life and I can imagine that with all that was going on; that day definitely had the potential to be rough. And so I wrote the following:

“I have tears in me that won’t cry. They come so close to the surface, but refuse to continue on their intended journey. They fall back to that place, a well of safety, fearing the flood they would cause. They don’t realize what freedom and peace the journey brings.  

Each day brings more tears to this well. I beg them to free themselves, to create a waterfall and cause a flood.  I want its freedom.  I want its peace”


One thought on “A flood of memories

  1. It is amazing how old journal entries can evoke old feelings. WOW – sounds like you were definitely going through something – hope brighter days came along!

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