How do you measure a year in the life?” ~Seasons of Love from the musical Rent

365 days since my mind shifted, since the need for something different became more important than security.365

365 days since I prepared to say goodbye to the life I knew, to the people I loved, to the routine of my day.

365 days since I faced  the fear and push it aside to do what I felt must be done.

365 days since I flew away to a place so strange to me, to people I didn’t know.

365 days since  they welcomed me with open arms; this place, the people former strangers, now a piece peace of my heart.

But nothing lasts forever…

365 days changes people and things, and teaches you lessons you never imagined you’d learn.

365 days taught me that I am strong, and I am loved, and I am brave, and the person I’ve become, well she is so much more than I ever imagined I could be.


365 days gave me more love than ever before as I she takes with her more than I thought she would, more than I ever imagined she could.


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