If you ask 10 different people what love feels like, you’ll get 10 very different answers.  For most it’s a complicated mix of many things that some would say, are undefinable.  Many even, in their frustration at not being able to explain say, “I don’t know, but you’ll know it when you see it” or “When you know, you just know.”

A complicated mix for emotions that means something different to everyone, yet some feel that they can define it for others.  Love is not politics, love is not judgement.  Love is beauty and acceptance.

In honor of Spirit Day I declare that I’m just as clueless to a clear explanation of love as everyone else.  All I know is that we need more of it in this world, in whatever form it comes.

To my LGBT brothers and sisters…I support your right to be just as confused as the rest of us.

With much love,



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