I want to sit at the cool kids table.  No, not that table, I’m 20+ years past that table.  I mean I want to sit with the cool kids in the blogosphere.  The problem is that I’m not sure what to bring to the table that would make them like me, after all I’m not even sure if I spelled blogosphere right, and isn’t that the first pre-requisite?
I believe my problem is in finding my niche.  I titled my blog “Moments in My head” because frankly, at the start that’s all it was meant to be.  Random thoughts that popped into my headshared on ‘paper’ for my friends and those who cared to read—not that my friends necessarily cared to read—but mostly for myself; a sort of journal that didn’t give me tendonitis.
When I moved to Puerto Rico a little over a year ago, I decided to take my writing more seriously. I would have a lot of free time and hell, it was Puerto Rico, I’d have plenty of material for a daily post.  Although I did write more, I found that myPuerto Rico experiences were in fact NOT enough to sustain a blog, as I spent the majority of my days home with my Dad, cleaning or something equally boring while he rested.  There’s just only so much you can write about how hot it is outside. Besides that, most of my adventures were better documented in photos.
So now, I’m back in Chicago and I was involved in the blogosphere just enough to have met some really amazing bloggers who have me thinking that I really have to center my blog around something, so I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what that should be and I am at a loss.
Most of the Latina (and even non-Latina) bloggers I know are Mommy bloggers; some specialize in specific facets of motherhood, like my friend Janis who blogs about her handsome son Austin and being a special needs Mom.  My wonderful friend Ann blogs about her two sons and their never ending schedule of sports.  Not being a Mom, I don’t fit in to the Mommyblogger world; obviously.
So I considered going the opposite direction and blogging about being single—a Latina Carrie Bradshaw in Sexo en la Ciudad—except that I really don’t date; and I certainly can’t afford Manolo Blahniks on my currents salary of nada.  How many stories of staying home and watching movies or hanging out with my friends could I really make sound exciting; one if lucky.
Here are some of the general headings I came up with…
Being unemployed
Pro- Iam well-versed
Con- I will eventually be employed; I hope.
The Tia Files
Pro- My nephews  & nieces are funny
Con-They’re probably only funny to me.
Life with ADD
Pro- It’s a daily challenge
Con- It’s the same daily challenge
So I am stuck, still trying to find my way in the blogosphere without a functioning GPS.


2 thoughts on “Life in the blogosphere

  1. Libby, this is a natural phase that most bloggers experience — figuring out what their niche is. I went through something similar for a while, but one day, it clicked. What might help you is to ask yourself the following questions:

    1. What am I passionate about? Like, REALLY passionate about?

    2. What are you known for — that you’re really good at?

    3. What is that thing or problem that friends call YOU for?

    4. What do you hope to contribute to the world?

    Hope those help…


  2. When I first started out, I only wrote about my fiction. When no agent of publisher sat up and took notice, I said, “aha,what now?” So I segued into talking about the things I write about in my fiction, multiculturalism, moving from PR to the US, and religion. Then a commenter started asking questions about PR, which generated a series on PR identity. I was reading Nelson Mandela’s bio which prompted me to start a Hero’s Journey series. Now I rotate on a weekly basis writing about heroism, culture, religion, and literature or writing. This all happened over a period of a year. I go to this amount of detail to show you that the focus of my blog has evolved and will probably continue to evolve. That is, unless one day I decide to stop blogging, which I am tempted to do sometimes. Anyway, focus on the things that interest you, that are related to you as a unique being, give it free rein, and who knows what might happen? Good luck.

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