I’ve been spending A LOT of time at my neighborhood library.  I thought I would hate it, but I am finding that I enjoy it.  It seems like every time I’m here, I see something different.  Last week, it was the lady who sat at the table next to me, leaned to her right and farted, once the act was done she looked around.  I thought to myself, “you lifted your ass off the seat to do this, is there any point in looking around shamefully after the act?”

After the farter, came the snorer.  He got himself a newspaper and after a few minutes of perusing, he fell asleep..just snoring away.  It made me start wondering if I shouldn’t make myself more comfortable during my time here.  Perhaps bring my Snuggie and my pillow.

Just earlier this week I caught a couple making out in the corner.  I’m sure the first thought in your head was, “Oh those teenagers!”  But no, they were adults, making out at a corner table.  When I happen to glance in their direction, mid-smooch, they looked at me as if I was being nosy and invading their privacy.

Now I look forward to coming just to see which character I’m going to meet next. Being the big Sesame Street fan I am was, I thought of this…enjoy!



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